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We specialize in manufacturing wholesale MDF cutouts, Personalized Laser Items and Custom Products to fit your every need. Ask us about exclusive designs just for your store! With short lead times, year 'round ordering, and friendly customer service you can't go wrong with us! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Each of our products are made in the U.S.A., here at Diverse Woodworking. Each cutout is produced from 1/4" thick MDF and is cut by our precision CNC or Laser machines. There are no rough edges, giving each of our products a completely smooth surface. We stock an array of Letters in various fonts and sizes, along with shapes, phrases, and words. We also have Design By Line options that have all the lines on the surface for you ready to paint. Want a custom cutout? No problem, we have you covered! We are able to produce any shape, even exclusive designs just for your store.